Jørgen Johannessen


39th place

2270 points



Challenge Category Value Time
Breadcrumbs: Attack of the Scones Misc 150
Fix RAID0 configuration Workstation Management 100
Create a chatbot Azure Management 100
Bitlocker key required but lost Workstation Management 100
Leia reports incorrect signature in outlook M365 Management 100
Stormtrooper Signup DevOps 100
Website no longer working Server Management 100
R2D2 deleted a user Server Management 100
Files not accesible Server Management 100
Printer keeps spitting out garbage data Workstation Management 100
Machine keeps rebooting Workstation Management 100
Ingest this GraphQL API DevOps 100
Lost script in intune package M365 Management 100
All users shortcuts dissapear M365 Management 100
Investigate the reason important emails are not being received. M365 Management 100
What name belongs to this resource Misc 100
Find the secret hidden in the CTF website Misc 50
Important e-mail not received M365 Management 100
Question 11 Knowledge Quiz 0
Question 7 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 10 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 8 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 6 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 4 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 3 Knowledge Quiz 10
Question 1 Knowledge Quiz 10
Storage account cannot be accessed Azure Management 100
Cannot connect to SQL Database at specific times Azure Management 100
Application can no longer access resources Azure Management 100
Decode the secret DevOps 100