CyberDrain CTF

Kelvin - Kelvin Tegelaar

Kelvin Tegelaar is a tech blogger and Microsoft MVP at - Kelvin uses his blog to educate and assist Managed Services Providers with automation, business information and general tech questions. Kelvin works together with most major RMM vendors and is a speaker at events such as Dattocon, EmpowerMSP, Hack_IT and more.

Kelvin's is the organiser, challenge-creator and judge during the event.

Learn more about Kelvin at and follow him on Twitter @KelvinTegelaar.

MSPGeek & NinjaOne - Gavin Stone

MSPGeek has joined the CyberDrain CTF to assist in judging the CTF, this allows us to have more participants.

Gavin is an Executive Partner of MSPGeek and a Product Lead at NinjaOne. He's an avid believe in the power of Automation, RMM, Powershell, collaboration and community. Gavin also has a blog at

Gavin's role is judging event challenges, and will share out awards for challenges that pique his intrest. He is also know as Gavshley.



MSPP / NinjaOne - Luke Whitelock

Luke is an active community member and Product Lead at NinjaOne. Luke is a previous CTO/owner of IQ in IT a UK based MSP and a previous winner of the CTF. He regularly blogs at

Complete Network - John Duprey

John is a Sysadmin with a passion for automation and optimization. He is an active member of the MSP community and the CIPP project. As as winner of the CTF, the title of judge and crumbmaker has been bestowed upon him. John is the NOC team lead at Complete Network, an MSP in the United States.

Check out his work at