CyberDrain CTF


Points are earned by completing challenges, each challenge has their own set of requirements to receive points. Incomplete answers will not be judged.

Special Awards

Awards are granted by judges for special situations; perfect solutions, creativity, speed of resolution or even based on previous CTFs. The maximum points you can receive for an award is 10. The awards are listed on your profile

Time based challenges

There are several time based challenges which have to be completed in the set time, when the time start you have 1 hour to complete the challenge. Retaking these challenges is not possible.

Streaming challenges

Streaming challenges is allowed, but please refrain from leading people to the answer directly or spoiling the challenges.

Hard Mode

Some challenges are prefixed with HARD:. These challenges are more complex and require more effort to resolve. The first player to resolve a hard challenge also receives a official CyberDrain T-Shirt.

Hacking / Cheating

Hacking the CTFd server is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from the current and future events. Working as a team or with other players will be monitored and is also prohibited.

Maximum participants

The CyberDrainCTF has a maximum of 1000 participants

Prizes and sponsors

Sponsors receive the contact information for the top 10 players, because the sponsors distrubute the awards directly to players.

All sponsors may send in players, unless the event is judged by the same sponsor. They may not have players join or will not be eligble for awards.</p>

Edge cases/futher info

more questions can be directed at The rules are subject to change both before and during the event.