CyberDrain CTF

What is a CTF?

A Capture-the-Flag event is (normally) a cybersecurity competition that is designed to teach and test a variety of different computer skills, The CyberDrain CTF differs here because we don't teach and test security skills, but System Administration and engineering. The goal of a competition like this is to learn, so you're expected to research and use the internet during the competition to figure out how to solve the challenges.

What is a flag?

The goal of each CTF challenge is to find a "flag," which is a string of text that you can submit for points. For example, flags can be obtained by fixing a domain controller, resetting a password or otherwise solving a specific challenge. Each challenge will provide you with the information you need to get started.

When is the next CTF?

I'm trying to organise two or three CyberDrain CTF per year. The next CTF is the CyberDrain Summer CTF in July.

Help! I can't solve a challenge!

I'll be doing a deep dive on challenges on my twitter:@KelvinTegelaar. This might be a challenge you need some help on or don't exactly understand. You can always ask support but don't expect direct hints to where the flags are. You can also join the MSPGeek Slack to get help by other players.

How can I prepare?

Challenges have all sorts of catagories, Prepare by making sure you have the following:
Microsoft365 Business Premium trial
An active Microsoft Azure Account
A computer capable of running Hyper-V

I want to join but can't due to reasons.

you might miss the CTF event because you're too busy or don't have enough resources available, no worries! There will be a next event for you to join.

I want to sponsor the next event

We are always open to new sponsors. you can email me at CTF at

I found another way to achieve a flag.

That's fine! there are multiple roads to rome. As long as you get the flag somehow you must've learned something.

I want to join as a team.

For this event teaming is not allowed. If you want to work as a team, join the Cyberdrain MSP Showdown CTF here.