CyberDrain CTF


MSP VS MSP Showdown

Are you ready to prove you're the best of the best? Introducing the MSP vs MSP Showdown - where top managed service providers or teams of engineers compete in a series of challenging technical tasks. Register now and showcase your team's skills by filling out the "MSP vs MSP" section in your profile.

The competition is fierce and the stakes are high. Each challenge is designed to test your team's abilities and is only available for a limited time of 48 hours. Miss the deadline and you'll miss your chance to gain points. Only one winner will be crowned and receive the ultimate recognition - The CyberDrainCTF winner of 2023 will receive a prestigious award and a glass trophy to showcase your team's technical expertise. Only you will be able to call yourself the World Champion of IT.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to prove you're the top MSP in the market. Register now!

First place - The CyberDrain CTF World Champion of IT

As the first place winner your team will receive a plaque that proves you are the world champion of IT, but just the plaque seems like a lame award right?! As the CyberDrainCTF MSP vs MSP Showdown winner you'll also receive a cash prize of $3000,-!